There are endless options for your trip with Prince William Sound Adventures. To make sure you get a full experience and fulfill all of your plans, we have lodging available in the Prince William Sound at Eshamy Bay Lodge.

Disappear into the Alaskan Wilderness by staying at this Eco- friendly lodge located 35 miles out of Whittier by boat. Eshamy Bay Lodge is in the heart of the Prince William Sound so that you never have to stop your adventure.

Although it is not close to any cities for water and electricity, Eshamy Bay Lodge is designed with comfort in mind.

Luxury Accommodation in the Wilderness

Cabins have full bathrooms complete with flushing toilets and hot showers similar to your bathrooms at home. They also have generated power and lights in all rooms and walkways, as well as outlets that can be used to charge your devices.

All of the cabin rooms have a diesel heater so that no matter the weather, you will sleep comfortably.  To complete the package, meals are included in your stay! A hot breakfast, lunch and dinner will be prepared for you daily. A packed lunch can be substituted if you are out traveling for the day.

If you've ever gone camping, you know that these amenities are hard to come by away from a city source. Eshamy Bay Lodge has worked hard to make sure your experience is the best you can have.