Whale Watching

Some of the most favored wildlife viewings are of whales. Alaska is fortunate to have eight species of whales that frequent the cold waters. The Beluga, Humpback, Grey, Orca, Bowhead, Blue, Right, and Minke whales.

Prince William Sound Adventures has been able to view most of these species on the Whale Watching tours we provide. The most commonly favored viewings are of Humpback and Orca Whales, better known as Killer Whales.

We have had rare opportunity to get up close and personal with these wondrous animals. We maintain a safe distance from wildlife, as the law requires, but have had them come to our vessels as we float with the motors off. Sometimes the wildlife is as curoius about us, as we are of them.

About Whales in Alaska

While Orcas have been known to live in Alaska year round, Humpback Whales are migratory. They travel to Hawaii for the winter months and live in Alaska in the summer. They give birth to their young in the warm Hawaii waters and travel with them back up to Alaska to feed. Although they are diligent on their feeding, they still find time to play!

Humpback will breech (or jump) completely out of the water at times! They also have fun slapping the water with their large pectoral fins. Even on the days they are relaxing, you are bound to catch the sight of their enormous tail as they dive deep into the Alaskan Water.

Prince William Sound Adventures has been bringing guests out to view these magnificent animals for 25 years. With knowledge of the area and the wildlife, our team will make sure you have an amazing experience.