Kayak the Prince William Sound with Prince William Sound Adventures. When staying at Prince William Sound Cabins from Eshamy Bay Lodge, you can take advantage of free Kayak rentals!

Both of our Water Taxi vessels are equipped to haul multiple kayaks, so you can choose any destination in Prince William Sound to embark on your kayak adventure.

Whether you need choices on destinations, a guide for a kayaking tour, or kayak rentals, Prince William Sound Adventures will help you plan your journey.

About Kayaking

This non-motorized mode of transportation allows you to quietly glide on top of the water, gaining new perspective of the land and wildlife of the beautiful Prince William Sound.

Whether you are kayaking for the first time, or the hundredth, the Prince William Sound offers you new options around every corner. Bring along your camera to capture all of the unforgettable moments. Waterproof housing is suggested for camera's and equipment to keep them safe.

Kayak close to sea otters, in front of glaciers, or inside shallow areas not accessible by boat. With Prince William Sound Adventures, the possibilities are endless!